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Updates & Releases

Additional 56 districts added into NEDRP

NEDRP was initiated with 36 selected districts of NE Region and later on expanded to remaining 58 districts (total 94 districts) of the region as per the directive of North Eastern Council and the demands from the various Line Departments to showcase the capability of space technology applications and tools for district level planning.

NEDRP Dashboard for Geospatial Applications

Ensemble of 94 district NEDRP geoportals with 30-35 layers of each district are catalogued into six major information modules of the NEDRP GeoXplorer-Administrative or base data, Infrastructure, Land and Water resources, Planning inputs and Terrain module realized in a single unified platform using open source software and standards with few important Governance applications like ElectionGIS, CensusGIS, Forest Resources Management (FRM), Disaster Management Support Services (DMSS) and GeoTourism. In all the applications Bhuvan map services has been effectively used in an optimized way for better and faster display of imageries.

NEDRP Data Sharing Gateway

Secure data sharing gateway has been established for sharing of geospatial maps to the various users through online registration, validation and authentication. Registered users can download the geospatial layers from NEDRP through Terms & Condition document. However, large scale datasets are not made available for download.

WMS data services of NEDRP published in Bhuvan

WMS data and services of 1200+ geospatial layers for 36 selected districts of NER have been published through Bhuvan portal for developmental planning. Please visit Bhuvan State portal to explore NEDRP layers.

Official release of NEDRP Geoportals

Shri C.H. Kharshiing, Advisor (Planning), North Eastern Council (NEC) released the NEDRP portal in the public sphere during the 16th Foundation Day of NESAC, Department of Space, Government of India celebrated on 5th Sept, 2016 at Umiam, Shillong.

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Data Services

NEDRP Data services are links to various geospatial data for the users enabling the datasets for download